18 May 2017

House Cleaning Glen Cove

House Cleaning Glen Cove

Perfect Home Cleaning offers impeccable House Cleaning Glen Cove.  Our workers are trained to make sure that the houses they clean are spotless when they leave.  Your kitchen will glow, your bathrooms will sparkle.  While we strive to make every visible surface perfect, we also deep clean.  We clean what you see and what you can’t see.

Under your beds, couches and other furniture will be free of dust.  Your ceiling fans will be completely clean.  Our House Cleaning Glen Cove also includes emptying, cleaning and relining your trash cans!  Many companies skip the a step and reline a dirty trash can.  Perfect Home Cleaning goes the extra mile when it comes to House Cleaning Glen Cove.

In addition to the normal services that most cleaning companies offer, we provide additional services (at an extra cost) that many don’t offer.  We can wash walls, clean your oven and wash your windows.  We will even clean out your cellar or garage.  One feature that many of our clients have used us for is help with moving in or out.

As you can see, Perfect Home cleaning goes the extra mile.  We offer all of the normal house cleaning services with the opportunity to add ones that are not usually available with many cleaning companies.